When I first decided to enroll in the M.A. TESOL program at Biola two years ago, I wasn't quite sure how an English-language teaching career would fit with my passion to aid those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. However, I took a step of faith and trusted that God had a reason for both callings. During my second year of the program I took an elective course, Community Development: Models and Strategies, with Dr. Katrina Greene. The following semester, I decided to create an independent study with Dr. Greene on the effects of HIV/AIDS on African youth. I also took Course Design in TESOL, in which I designed a content-based EFL course combining preventative HIV/AIDS content with English language instruction for Malawian (African) high school students.

Looking back, I can clearly see how teaching EFL is a form of educational development and that health (specifically HIV/AIDS issues) can play a part of what is taught in the classroom. Soon I will be leaving for West Africa with the Peace Corps to teach English to middle or high school students in which I have been encouraged to integrate issues relating to HIV/AIDS. I know God has used Biola's TESOL program as well as other departments to prepare me for this teaching position.

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