Nick Jeschke

Anthropology, M.A., current student

For Nick Jeschke, studying anthropology at Cook School of Intercultural Studies has opened his eyes to the broad uses of his anthropology degree after graduation.  Although he only has one year of anthropology under his belt, he is excited about the wide variety of possibilities, ranging from overseas missions work to politics and policy advising.  

This realization of broad applicability came through an assignment in his Contemporary Theory class, in which students were required to pick a current anthropological theory and give a professional conference-style presentation.  “I applied Foucault to the discourse between North Korea and the US.  I discussed how his theories related to what was happening between the countries and then suggested ways to remedy the situation,” Nick said.  In addition to being one of the highlights of his first year, this class also helped Nick formulate a potential thesis topic of working with a non-profit organization that aids North Korean refugees and studying the dynamics of what is happening in these shelters.  Through this project, Nick hopes to gain insight into the situation in North Korea and thereby be able to address the issue with better hands-on knowledge.  

Other highlights of Cook include the Christian environment at the school, which was what ultimately sold Nick on attending Cook.  He says, “At Cook, you have professors who are concerned about who you are holistically: academically, spiritually and professionally.  They care and remember what is happening in your life outside of class.”  The fact that professors took the time to go over different material with Nick, or to spend time outside of class discussing his project ideas with him, has been a great encouragement to Nick in his studies

Ultimately, Nick would like to serve in a research advising position for a ministry or as a foreign advisor in a political capacity, making people aware of small social conflicts that are taking place and how to best navigate them.  The practical application of his classes at Cook is preparing Nick for this broad spectrum of future work, equipping him to be a cross-cultural servant wherever God calls him.

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