Hannah Jackson

Applied Linguistics, M.A. '16

How did your program at Biola prepare you for your career?
Biola prepared me to work in an academic setting by teaching me the academic skills essential to my field of linguistics. I learned how to conduct solid research, write and explain it well, verbalize my understanding of linguistic topics and more.

What did you appreciate most about your time at Biola?
I appreciated the individual care and investment of the faculty in the lives and studies of their students. They were dedicated to helping me and my fellow students succeed as students and in our careers.

How did Biola equip you to be a more faithful follower of Jesus Christ?
All of my classes incoprorated ideas on how this connected to faith and how we could use our skills to support the work of God worldwide.

What advice would you give to students considering your degree program?
This program is great for anyone interested in pursuing Languages, Linguistics and TESOL in an educational setting. I was prepared for both fieldwork and for academic pursuits like research from my time at Biola and I got a great idea of the breadth and depth of the field of applied linguistics.

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