Emily Greiner

Current Student, Anthropology, M.A.

Current M.A. in Anthropology student Emily Greiner knew she wanted to study anthropology from a Christian perspective.  With that qualifier on her search, she found Cook School of Intercultural Studies, the only Christian school in the country to offer a graduate-level anthropology degree.  

Emily completed her undergraduate degree in intercultural studies at a university in Oklahoma, with the intention of heading overseas for missions work.  However, while still an undergraduate, she thought about the value of getting further training, particularly in the field of anthropology.  “I realized anthropology could be use for missions and would actually be very helpful.  Having the background and training to be able to look at a culture and study and observe it without assumptions would help me to have a better understanding about how to approach ministry methods,” she says.  After Cook, Emily hopes to apply her anthropological training by serving as a missionary with the Church of the Nazarene, providing relevant research to help other missionaries do their work.  

In reflecting on her first year at Cook School of Intercultural Studies, Emily highlights her Social Justice class with Dr. Pittle and her relationships with the professors as the best parts of her experience thus far.  The one-on-one relationship with her professors and their willingness to meet outside of class has been really helpful as she works to form her thesis topic for next year.  “The professors are really carrying and really want you to succeed.  They care about what is going on in your life outside of class and are super encouraging,” she says.

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