Student and Alumni Stories

Our alumni are all over the world, using their skills and training to impact the world for Christ. Read their stories to hear more!

  • Thandiwe Dinani

    Former Student, Intercultural Education, Ph.D.

    Thandiwe Dinani (Ph.D. '16) oversees the global engagement office at Utah Valley University. This entails study abroad, international internships, global spotlights (each year a certain country is highlighted and numerous events/speakers are offered to enhance community learning) and dual language immersion program support.

  • Hansung Kim

    Former Student, Doctor of Missiology

    Hansung Kim (D.Miss. '11) is an assistant professor at the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission in South Korea. His time at the Cook School for Intercultural Studies prepared him for his current ministry.

  • Elizabeth Pereda

    Former Student, Intercultural Studies, M.A.

    Elizabeth Pereda (M.A. '16) finished her M.A. in Intercultural Studies within one year. Read her testimonial to hear more about how the program impacted her. 

  • Ed Scheuerman

    Former Student, Doctor of Missiology

    After 23 years on the mission field with Pioneers, LBC asked Ed Scheuerman (D.Miss. '07) to come and head up their missions program, and to work as coordinator for the intercultural studies major. He is also the chair of the Department of Church & Ministry Leadership.

  • David Williams

    Current Student, Intercultural Studies, M.A.

    David Williams is a current student of the Intercultural Studies, M.A. program at the Cook School of Intercultural Studies. He is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is pursuing the intercultural studies program online.

  • Emily Greiner

    Current Student, Anthropology, M.A.

    Current M.A. in Anthropology student Emily Greiner knew she wanted to study anthropology from a Christian perspective.  With that qualifier on her search, she found Cook School of Intercultural Studies, the only Christian school in the country to offer a graduate-level anthropology degree.  

  • Robert Strauss

    Former Student, Doctor of Missiology

    Robert Strauss (D.Miss. '08) is managing partner at Global Perspectives Consulting, an organization that provides intercultural competence training for business executives who work across cultures.

  • Nick Jeschke

    Current Student, Anthropology, M.A.

    For Nick Jeschke, studying anthropology at Cook School of Intercultural Studies has opened his eyes to the broad uses of his anthropology degree after graduation.  Although he only has one year of anthropology under his belt, he is excited about the wide variety of possibilities, ranging from overseas missions work to politics and policy advising.

  • Kaarel Lilleoja

    Former Student, Intercultural Studies, M.A.

    International student Kaarel Lilleoja hopes to one day serve his home country of Estonia as a foreign diplomat.  It takes years of international service and attending a special school for diplomats to be considered a viable candidate for an ambassador position, but Kaarel feels called to work in international or cross-cultural relations, so he is willing to put in the time and work in whatever capacity he can in that area.

  • Susan Arias

    Applied Linguistics, M.A.

    From her very first missions trip to Mexico, Susan knew that she wanted to learn more about other cultures and languages. After studying Spanish in college, she wanted to take her education to the next level and see what career she could find with a passion for communicating with other cultures.

  • Heather Snavely

    Intercultural Studies, M.A., TESOL, M.A.

    Heather Snavely has travelled the world. She first discovered her passion to learn about other cultures while studying abroad in Egypt. Following that, she was able to travel to China and teach English for the summer. After facing the challenges of teaching in an unfamiliar culture, she decided to pursue her masters at Cook School of Intercultural Studies. 

  • Mark Herbst

    TESOL, M.A.

    Mark met his first non-English speaking friends in the third grade and immediately fell in love with language. He spent much of his youth learning Spanish, and eventually moved to South America to immerse himself in the culture and teach English as a second language. 

  • Ivan Chung

    Intercultural Education, Ph.D.

    Ivan has always enjoyed interacting with people from different cultures. He loves getting to know them, their stories, and how they differ from him. Ivan has spent most of his time in ministry focusing on inner city missions across the nation; making an impact in cities such as Milwaukee, Queens, Chicago, and Houston before coming to Southern California.

  • Jennifer Eskes

    M.A. in Intercultural Studies

    When Jennifer Eskes was in the third grade, her family took a trip to the Phillipines that changed her life forever. From that moment on, Jennifer knew she was born to be a missionary in a foreign land. After graduating from Biola with her B.A. in Anthropology, Jennifer decided to continue her education at Biola’s School of Intercultural Studies and earn her Masters in Intercultural Studies.

  • Sarah

    M.A. in TESOL

    When I first decided to enroll in the M.A. TESOL program at Biola two years ago, I wasn't quite sure how an English-language teaching career would fit with my passion to aid those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. However, I took a step of faith and trusted that God had a reason for both callings.

  • Darla

    M.A. in TESOL

    I came to Biola's M.A. TESOL program with some teaching and teacher training experience, after three years in Istanbul, Turkey, at Istanbul Technical University. As my love for teaching English grew, I knew I needed training to continue to grow professionally and to fill in the holes of my on-the-job training.

  • Angie

    M.A. in TESOL

    I applied to Biola's M.A. TESOL program while on a one-year internship in Central Asia, during which I realized how important it was for me to be trained in English language teaching. Our organization's goals align with Biola's and I was happy to be studying with faculty who shared my international perspective and vision.

  • Belinda

    M.A. in TESOL

    When Belinda graduated from Biola University in 1994, she already had developed her passion for learning about other cultures. She chose to continue her intercultural education at Biola’s SICS because of the hands-on learning opportunities as well as the diverse and Christ-centered community it provided. 

  • Cheng

    M.A. in TESOL

    Cheng first taught ESL straight out of college in Kazakhstan, a country in Central Asia. While he had the passion and desire to teach, he had no formal training to support his ambitions and the job became very challenging.

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