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Our alumni are all over the world, using their skills and training to impact the world for Christ. Read their stories to hear more!

  • Thandiwe Dinani

    Intercultural Education, Ph.D. '16

    "Program content helped me form a personal philosophy and commitment to developing wholistic, respectful and balanced programs and provide intercultural training for faculty and students."

  • Hansung Kim

    Doctor of Missiology, '11

    "The knowledge and insights that I got from my professors were immeasurable."

  • Elizabeth Pereda

    Intercultural Studies, M.A. '16

    "It was a wonderful experience to transition straight into Cook's intercultural studies master's program, immediately after my undergraduate studies."

  • Ed Scheuerman

    Doctor of Missiology, '07

    "The D.Miss. program was a significant part of God’s preparing me for my current ministry."

  • Robert Strauss

    Doctor of Missiology, '08

    "My doctorate from Cook has opened doors for me throughout the world where an advanced degree is not only valued but is a prerequisite to having a voice and influence."

  • Nick Jeschke

    Anthropology, M.A., current student

    "At Cook, you have professors who are concerned about who you are holistically: academically, spiritually and professionally."

  • Kaarel Lilleoja

    Intercultural Studies, M.A.

    “I am super grateful to be here at Biola University, because it has been my dream for a number of years."

  • Susan Arias

    Applied Linguistics, M.A.

    “The faculty at CSICS have a high level of expertise in their field. A lot of them not only come with the Ph.D.s to back up their expertise, but 15-plus years of experience working on the field with different cultures and different situations that they can apply directly to different lessons that we’re learning in the classroom.”

  • Heather Snavely

    Intercultural Studies, M.A. and TESOL, M.A.

    "I see teaching English as a second language as a ministry because it helps me to help others. And I think that Christ wants us to help others pursue their dreams for a better life."

  • Mark Herbst

    M.A. in TESOL

    "Teaching English as a ministry works on a lot of levels, and we got to talk about this throughout the program, almost every day we’re talking about that. And teaching English well is something that professors focus on."

  • Ivan Chung

    Intercultural Education, Ph.D.

    "The professors are extremely wise and mature in their fields and most of them have spent a great deal of time in a foreign country and they have been practitioners and teachers in global areas. So, I learn a great deal from them, as well as from other students who are from different countries."

  • Jennifer Eskes

    M.A. in Intercultural Studies

    "Getting my intercultural studies degree gave me the training I needed to have in order to do what I’m doing. It gave me the background I needed in order to go to the field and come out here and be able to do what I’m doing."

  • Belinda

    M.A. in TESOL

    "I don’t think you can really state how wonderful it is to be in a class with everybody who has one mind, that they want to use teaching to reach other cultures for His glory."

  • Cheng

    M.A. in TESOL

    "I chose Biola because I wanted to be part of a TESOL program that somehow would teach me how to integrate the profession of TESOL with my faith.”

  • Hannah Jackson

    Applied Linguistics, M.A. '16

    "I was prepared for both fieldwork and for academic pursuits like research from my time at Biola and I got a great idea of the breadth and depth of the field of applied linguistics."

  • Andrew Kyllo

    M.A. in TESOL, '96

    "Some lessons and truths took a long time for me to digest. But I can often refer back to them even now, 25 years later ... I can definitely say that my ability to translate my experience with Christ with integrity in another culture, and therefore more effectively in my own culture, was greatly enhanced."

  • Kathryn Smelser

    M.A. in TESOL (Online), '16

    "Although I had already been teaching for many years, the TESOL Online program enabled me to hone my skills and widen my horizons. It also opened up the opportunity for me to train others here in Europe who wanted to use English as outreach."

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